A holiday on the with the ADDED VALUE of the bonus card!

There are an extensive range of activities available on the Katschberg. With  businesses in Hinteregger, we have created our own BonusCard, for an ADDED VALUE holiday. In winter as our guest, you will receive countless discounts in the businesses on the Katschberg. For list price bookings and when you are staying for 3 nights or more, you will receive the Hinteregger BonusCard, providing you with plenty of great discounts.

We also created the Katschberg Card for stays in summer. Many service providers are included in this card! For list price bookings and when you are staying for 1 night or more, you will receive the Katschberg Card.

Katschberg Card & Hinteregger's Bonuscard

Katschberg Card in Summer

Wanderparadies Katschberg
  • 30 % discount on the beer ‘tour’ with goulash, including samples of 3 SHOTS of beer in restaurant Stamperl
  • 20 % discount on bike rental
  • 30 % discount on the cheese course in Hinteregger's Ainkehr
  • 30 % discount on the Carinthian snack basket in our shop (normal or premium)
  • 20 % discount on quad-course rides
  • 30 % discount on rental of Tesla model X
  • Including ascent and decent with the mountain railway
  • Including a guided hike
  • Including a ride with Tschu Tschu train

Hinteregger's BonusCard in Winter

Winterurlaub im Hotel Katschberghof
  • benefits for skiers
    • 3% discount on all skitickets for more days (from 1,5 days directly the the hotel reception
    • 10% discount on ski lessons for groups and ski rental at the ski & sportschool Katschberg by Krabath
    • First lane and test on the slopes with skier expert Gottfried Krabath (adults only)
    • Ski race for the guests €8,- with award ceremony in Stamperl
  • benefits for culinary & beer
    • 30% discount for cheese course
    • Brewery tour 25% discount
    • 25% discount on the Katschberger enjoyment - box in the department store of the Lärchenhof
    • €3,- voucher daily for the lunch at Adlerhorst and Ainkehr
  • House - fun bonuses
    • MO from 20:30 karaoke at the Stamperl
    • THU FR SA live DJ from 15:30 - 17:30 and from 20:30 open END at the Stamperl
    • TUE live DJ from 20:30 with open END at the Stamperl
  • Bonuses for sports and other activities
    • 25% discount at THE CAGE
    • YOGA 25% discount
    • 36% discount on the hike with snowshoes including snowshoes and stiks
    • 10% discount at Sport Erni
    • Andi´s horse - drawn carriage ride: 10% discount on all horse drawn carriage rides. Reserve seats at the hotel reception. (except the trail for the Adventweg)