Look forward to a great festival on Katschberg with many traditions

Between Salzburg and Carinthia the event HoamART takes place from the 26 August to 15 October 2017. Traditions from Salzburg and Carinthia will melt together on these dates. There will be different hikings with choirs. Horn players as well as musicians will perform on Katschberg. So creativity and fun are guaranteed.

Little preview:

  • Cheese-event, Hinteregger's Ainkehr
  • Hop harvest-event, restaurant Stamperl
  • Meeting of horn players, Gamskogelhütte
  • Ceremonial driving down of ponies from the mountain pastures into the valley, Pritzhütte
  • Parish fair, Gamskogelhütte
  • HoamArt-event, Schoberblickhütte