Happiness on earth, for many children, is being on a horse or a pony!

The horses and ponies in Pferdezentrum Katschberg and in the Ponyalm always make our little guests’ eyes light up.

The horse centre is home to the highest horse-riding hall in Austria and not only offers 2 horse-powered sled rides through the inspiring natural surroundings, but also riding sessions and guided hack rides.

The Ponyalm is in Gontal, a conservation area. Whether it is summer or winter, the ponies are happy to carry the little ones on their backs through our wonderful mountains.

As well as the Ponyalm there is also a water play area, a pony realm, a petting and care area, a pony trail and a sun studio for the ponies.

The Ponyalmexpress ensures that even your arrival will be exciting. Little ones and indeed many of our older guests too, won’t forget spending a few hours at the Ponyalm in the Gontal valley!