Summer activities around the Katschberg!

Brewery"katsch beer"

Guided tour of the brewery

After a new, patented brewing procedure, 1000 litres of beer can be produced every day in the exhibition brewery in the Stamperl. Production is organized using state-of-the-art technology. To observe this exciting process, the brewery is open to visitors for guided tours, available at  any time (from € 11.90,- per person).

Bread baking

Bread baking

Become a master baker – initially the various types of grains which are available are explained. The grains are milled on site and made into a bread dough. Afterwards you get to take a 1kg loaf home with you. In the summer a herbal hike is included, when you find out which herbs go with what foods.

Cheese store Katschberg

World champion cheeses with Wolfgang Hinteregger

In the enchanting lodge at the foot of the Aineck cheese lovers really are very well catered for! A varied of cheeses are stored in the cheese cellar, with cheeses from Carinthia, Bregenz Forest, Lechtal and Friuli are there waiting to be sampled. In the exhibition diary in Hinteregger’s Ainkehr a cheese course is held every week. The cheese seminar including aperitif, cheese tasting and a cheese certificate can also be booked by companies, be there! Prices start at € 39!

Playing path on Katschberg

Playing path on Katschberg

Katschberg has one attraction more: The brand new playing path for children wants to know a lot from you. Have fun in the whole town. Along the trail you will climb, jump like a rabbit or be as smart as a fox.



Katschhausen children's adventure realm

An adventure realm based around the Katschling family, who have so many exciting stories to tell. The Katschling family live in a little village called Katschhausen. Play to your heart's content and display the colours of the rainbow in the little house – but watch out, the baddies want to steal the colours from the Katschling's.
Before heading to Katschhausen the children should bring their puzzle book with them, so they can solve the puzzle of the Katschling family. By way of reward, there  is a fantastic surprise at the tourist information office.


Quad-Parcour am Katschberg

Segway and Quads on the Katschi!

With the HighTechRoller ‘SEGWAY X’ you get to explore the Katschberg comfortably, quickly and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

At 25 km/hour and 8 horse-power budding ‘rally drivers’ fly across the 450 m quad course testing out their skills.

Hochseilgarten Katschberg

Outdoor park Katschberg

The course in Austria’s biggest outdoor adventure park proceeds through the treetops of Katschberg’s woodland area and requires skill and courage. The absolute highlight is the Flying Fox, on which you ‘fly past’ the tree tops.

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Rafting-Abenteuer in Kärnten

Rafting adventure!

Experience adventure in the wild waters during a guided rafting tour. Rafting excursions of various difficulty levels are offered.

Katschis Goldfahrt

Summer toboggan run on Katschberg!

Katschi’s Goldfahrt! Katschi’s Goldfahrt is an adventure toboggan which provides any amount of fun, action and adventure in the open natural surroundings for all the family. It is the first summer toboggan run to be set up in Austria. As with so many of the children’s attractions on the Katschberg, hands-on learning has a key role to play. The topic of gold mining is explained to children in this park.

The journey proceeds through the gold-diggers house, across a forest trail which has plenty of bends, speeding into the dark caves and into the glistening interior of the mountain to the gold panning area.


Geocaching am Katschberg

Geocaching on the Katschi!

Geocaching is an electronic treasure hunt using GPS devices.

The ‘treasure’ (cache) is marked with geo-coordinates, is a box which contains a log book and also little gifts.