Hiking holiday at the Katschberg!

High up on the Katschberg - REFRESHING AND FREE!

The Hotel Das KATSCHBERG is located directly in the hiking and recreation area of Katschberg! Many hiking routes can be taken directly from the hotel. Sometimes demanding, sometimes family-friendly, but in any case fascinating. No matter which guided hike or e-bike tour you choose, marching and biking with the hiking and biking guides has a special charm because nobody knows the region better than they do.

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Our hotel and the tourism association at the Katschberg organize free guided hikes with local mountain guides for you. You also have a choice between different routes and levels of difficulty.

If you prefer to plan your hike yourself and enjoy undisturbed moments in nature, you will find great tours, useful tips, and advice in the hiking programme.

Our hiking tips!

  • Hiking and fishing: enjoy a fantastic hike through the Pöllatal valley with our hiking guide. Our hikers enjoy fishing and their catch is cooked right away in the Stamperl restaurant.
  • Mascot hike: hike with the Katschberg mascots from the center of the town to the horse-riding center.
  • Day hikes: Come with us on a day hike to the Ochsenhütte or to the Kareck (Duration: around 7 hours)
  • Sunrise hike: Early risers get to experience the Katschberg at its best. We set off at 5:00 a.m. and enjoy the sunrise while eating our delicious breakfast.
  • Adventure-filled river trail: In the Pöllatal valley we hike along the unique river adventure trail. There are so many interesting facts that children can learn at the presentation boards, then off we go again on the Choo Choo train!
  • UNESCO Biosphere Park: This hike through the Biosphere Park focuses on nature studies and getting to know the plants and animals of the area.

Sunrise Hike

Up to the top of the Aineck.

Difficulty: medium
Length: approx. 15 km
Elevation: 579 m
Duration: 5 hours
Highest point: 2.220 m

The starting point is the valley station of the Aineckbahn. Some sections of this path are steep and lead to Adlerhorst. Once we reach the Aineck on foot, we hike on the other side of the mountain along path no. C down to the Kößlbacher Alm. Subsequently path no. B leads to the junction St. Martin/St.Michael/Katschberghöhe. On the Forststraße we turn left towards Katschberg taking a path no. A, slightly hilly, back to Katschberghöhe.

Fish hike in the Pöllatal valley

A wonderful hike for the whole family!

"Who wants can also go barefoot"

In the Pöllatal there is a unique brook adventure path with many information boards to marvel at. Children can solve puzzles and games. The Pöllatal near Rennweg is also one of Carinthia's most impressive nature and landscape reserves.

Together we hike to the fishpond where we can catch our own trout.

Afterward, we go to the Kochlöffelhütte from where we take the Choo-choo train home or if you are still motivated you can walk back.

Costs for the Choo Choo Railway: € 4.50 per adult, € 3.50 per child.


Duration of the hike: approx. 5 comfortable hours / Walking time: 1.5 hours.

This adventure hike, suitable for all ages, starts at the first parking lot.

Good Morning Hiking

Kuschlalm Katschberg

Difficulty: easy
Length: 5 km
Elevation: 100 m
Duration: 2,5 hours

Along the hiking trail 97, you go to the Gamskogelhütte and over the Herzalweg to the Kuschelalm. A breakfast awaits you there. Refresh your feet in the mountain stream.

Gontal Hike

Difficulty: easy
Length: 3,5 km
Altitude: 220 m
Duration: 3 hours

From the Hotel Das KATSCHBERG, you walk along trail no. 97, past the Pizzeria Stamperl, further uphill to the Gamskogelhütte around the Tschanek to the Pritzhütte in the Gontal and from there along the Forstweg.

Mountain tour on the Kareck

Difficulty: medium
Length: 13,8 km
Elevation: 937 m
Duration: 5 hours
Highest point: 2,481 m

Don't miss the particularly beautiful panoramic view of the Kareck summit!

Route: From the Hotel Das KATSCHBERG you walk through the village, then through the tunnel at the Pizzeria & Brauerei Stamperl, further up, always staying on this road (2nd tunnel) you pass the Gasthaus Bacher. This road then becomes a forest path through the woods to the Pritzhütte.

After about 400 meters there is a moderately steep but safe ascent to the summit of the Kareck, over the north-east grade, on a narrow hiking ridge. From up here, if the weather is suitable, you have the best view all around, up to the Dachstein massif and the Karawanken mountains. The descent follows the same route as the ascent. BERG HEIL!

Hoamart at the Katschberg

On 15 August, the kick-off event starts every year with the Samson move. Until mid-October, the Katschberg is the venue for hiking, singing, and cheese making as part of the HOAMART events. Hut landlords offer regional delicacies. Look over the shoulder of a master blacksmith or a shingle maker.

The music hiking weeks also take place on the Katschberg. More than 20 participating groups accompany us on the hikes to the most beautiful places on the Katschberg.

If you want to experience this tradition, then send us your request right now!

Kärnten Maps Tourenguide

In the Carinthia tour guide, you will surely find the right hiking tour. Depending on your fitness, time and preferences, you can put together your individual tour here. Have fun!

Hiking poles, as well as hiking boots, can be rented on request. Our lunch packages or the many rustic alpine huts along the hiking routes will take care of your physical well-being.

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